Custom Coding

Does your business require functionality that doesn’t come out of a box?

Sometimes off-the-shelf doesn’t meet the requirements.  We can fill the gap.

Apps Integrated With WordPress

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We have partnered with Skorski Web Design to provide an integrated website / app experience for your customers. Skorski Web Design provides website design, WordPress development and online marketing. Charlene’s Web customizes the app and sets up a secure administration area for you to customize your own app settings. This solution is a good fit for:
  • Wholesalers who are looking for a product location system for their retailers
  • Companies looking for a location app for their offices / stores
  • Brand Pop Up Shops
  • Realtors with houses for sale
  • Artists with art on consignment / shows
  • Vendors at Farmers’ Markets

WordPress Plugins

IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings

Plugin to manage dealers including locations and services. Shortcodes to edit / add / delete in the WordPress Dashboard. Shortcodes to allow visitors to enter to search the dealer database.

consignment plugin

Equestrian Consignment Store

Consignment store that ties in with the physical consignment store. Sellers can submit their items online. Buyers purchase online and the plugin updates inventory on the website and for the store. 

Golden Girls Canada

Golden Homesharing Connections

Sets up profiles for homeowners and people looking for homes, including several search criteria. Provides a matching service including secure method of contact. 

Business Applications

order management

Order Management System

Designed to work on iPads using local storage to improve speed and enable offline ordering. Integrates with corporate system for pricing, customer details and product information.

harvest portfolios

Data Entry and Display

Set up a method to enter pricing and fund information to enable display on the public-facing website. 

Tienda shopping

Shipping and Payment Gateways

Set up payment gateways and custom shipping code to integrate with UPS and FedEx and determine optimal methods of shipping perishable items throughout the U.S.