Half Lease Practice Ride Booking Page

Available times:

  • Fridays noon – 8
  • Saturdays 10-8
  • Sundays 10-8


If there are clinics or lessons booked then you may still be able to have your practice ride if the weather is good. Otherwise, practice rides will be cancelled during the following clinics, as they get first “dibs” of the indoor arena.

  • Sep 24 Donna McInnis clinic 2:15-8:15
  • Sep 26 private lessons from 1-4pm
  • Oct 22-24 Jill Stedman clinic – limited times available

Maximum of three riders per time slot.

  1. Check the calendar below to confirm availability of your horse at the desired time before booking.
  2. Remaining spots are indicated below the time slot in the booking section.
  3. Each booking is subject to review and approval by Jennifer. You will receive confirmation once it has been approved.
half lease group

Step 1: Review Current Calendar


Step 2: Book Your Practice Ride

Click on a date. The available time slots will be displayed. The available spots within that time slot are shown in the brackets. For e.g. (2) means there are still 2 spots available at the selected date and time.