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Charlene’s Web was founded in 2012 by Charlene Copeland. I provide custom programming and database services to small and medium-sized businesses.

My formal training came from the University of Waterloo Applied Math and Computer Science Program. I started my career at IBM as a programmer, and then moved into project management in the consulting practice. After IBM, I joined a telecommunications startup that gave me a taste for the variety and challenge of a small business. I continued to work in small companies in the US and Canada before making the move to my own business.

My clients are in Canada and the US, and primarily require customized eCommerce solutions. Applications are built using PHP, JavaScript, and mySQL. With WordPress projects, I generally recommend themes and plugins, and quite often write custom plugins to meet my clients’ unique needs. “Behind the scenes” database work is my specialty! 

Phone: 416-998-3090

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